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Seasonal Israel Trips

The JLE is Ohr Somayach's flagship short-term Israel trip. It features a dynamic balance between Jewish discovery and exploring Israel. The JLE takes students off the beaten path to see sites they would never get to on other Israel trips and brings in top Jewish educators from around the world to facilitate the mind-expanding interaction between Jewish thought, culture and history and the land of the Jewish people.

 You will be joining dozens of other 18-28 year old men from across North America on the trip of a lifetime to explore what Torah has to offer while seeing where it all happened from the back of a camel, the seat of an ATV or whilst rappelling down a cliff-face.


Cost: $499USD

*For men only.

Odyssey is a spiritual journey which lets students discover their authentic Jewish heritage in the homeland of the Jewish people.

Combining insightful discussions and classes on basic Jewish thought with a rigorous touring schedule, Odyssey provides a welcoming atmosphere for Jews of all backgrounds to experience Jewish spirituality in the centre
of it all. 


Cost: $1000USD


Set in Jerusalem's lovely Ramat Eshkol neighborhood, Jewel lets you explore your Jewish heritage in an easygoing environment with top lecturers from around the world.


On your trip you will build a strong foundation in Jewish philosophy, the holidays, self-development,  mysticism, Hebrew language and more. Combined with exciting day trips, memorable Shabbat experiences and fun evening activities, the Jewel experience is one that you'll never forget.


Cost: As little as $699USD

*For women only. 


Ongoing Israel Programs

Are you interested in delving into the depths of Jewish thought, acquiring Hebrew language skills and tackling classic Jewish texts? Ohr Somayach's Mechina Program caters to motivated students who are ready to devote a period of time to achieveing these goals in a warm and non-judgemental environment.  Students can join at any time of the year and can stay for as long as they like. On top of the personalized learning curriculum, fun Israel tours occur periodically throughout the year.


Cost: Variable

*For men only


Partnering with hundreds of Israeli companies, jInternship provides you with exciting international work-experience in your field that will give you a competitive edge in achieving your career goals. The fact that this runs in cooperation with premier, peer-based Jewish educational programs means you’ll have a blast while learning tons about Israel and Judaism. 


Cost:$399USD +flight

Strengthen your Jewish identity through education. See the relevance of Judaism in today’s world. Examine the depth of Jewish practice and spirituality and discover the “inner you”.

Neve students tackle life’s toughest personal, philosophical and theological issues in a sensitive and thoughtful environment.

Cost: Variable

*For women only


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