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  What you do

What we do

You get to participate in...

  • Weekly group discussions

  • Weekly Zoom meetings
    with your campus rabbi

  • 5 shabbaton retreats

  • 1 graduation banquet

We provide successful participants with...

  • A cash stipend of up to $1000.00

  • A free trip to Israel

  • A professional ethics certification

  • A social setting to ask bold
    questions and share ideas

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2022/2023 Dates

Thornhill (230 Arnold Ave)

Wednesdays from 8:00-9:30pm

Start Date: Oct 11

Shabbatons: Oct 27, Nov 24, Jan 26, Mar 1, Apr 5

Graduation: Apr 7

*Locations and dates are subject to change

More information

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Quotes from Participants

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