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DAY 1: Wednesday, Dec 25
Arrival in Warsaw, dinner at hotel.


DAY 2: Thursday, Dec 26

Visit the Nozyk Synagogue, the last remaining shul in Warsaw.
Visit the site of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising including the Milai 18 bunker,
the Rappaport monument and the Umschlagplatz where the ghetto Jews were transported to Treblinka. Continue to the Okopowa cemetery with over 250,000 graves including those of many famous historic figures. Drive to Lodz and tour the Radegast train depot. Dinner and travel to Krakow.

Stay over in Krakow

DAY 3: Friday, Dec 27

Tour the Square of Empty Chairs and Pod Orlem pharmacy. See the ghetto wall remnants and Schindler’s factory where so many Jews were sheltered. Go to the infamous Plaszow concentration camp and have an opportunity to say a prayer at the site of the massacre. Visit the grave of Sara Schnierer, an early pioneer of Jewish women’s education and the cemetery of the Rema. Get ready for a special Shabbat in Krakow. Lively Kabbalat Shabbat followed by delicious Shabbat meal. Optional late evening walk to the Wavel castle. Stay over in Krakow

DAY 4: Shabbat, Dec 28

Shacharit in the Rema Synagogue. Shabbat lunch and tour of Jewish quarter including the Izaak Synagogue, the Temple Synagogue and others. Minchah afternoon prayer service, the third meal followed by the maariv prayer service and havdalah. Drive to the children's grave outside the city of Zbylitowska Gora. Saturday night chill, Stay over in Krakow

DAY 5: Sunday, Dec 29

Tour the horrific concentration camp Auschwitz I & Birkenau and participate in a memorial ceremony at the crematorium. Travel to Lancut and see the magnificent synagogue. Travel to Lizhensk and take the opportunity to reflect at the grave of the famous Rebbi Reb Elimelech. Continue on to Lublin.
Stay over in Lublin


DAY 6: Monday, Dec 30

Visit the Majdanek concentration camp and then see the greatest yeshiva in all of Poland, Chachmei Lublin. Back to Warsaw for goodbye banquet.

DAY 7: Monday, Dec 31
Flight home

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