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My name is Rabbi Jaffit and I have been helping barmitzvah boys get ready to celebrate their big day for over half a decade. Growing up in Northern Ontario, I had very little in the way of Jewish education myself. When it came to my own barmitzvah all I got was a cassette tape and a booklet and was on my own to figure it out! After moving to Toronto for university and connecting with the broader Jewish community, I knew that my life's passion was Jewish education. After receiving my MA in Jewish history I spent five years studying to be a rabbi in Israel while simultaneously teaching classes to yeshivah and seminary students. 


I now service the needs of Jewish students from every walk of life as a full time university and military chaplain and have been blessed to facilitate celebrations of every milestone from wedding to bris and barmitzvah. After several years of teaching Sunday school, I saw the need to provide authentic, traditional Jewish education to students one on one in order to prepare them to participate in a celebration which connects them to their ancestors since time immemorial.


Your son is on his way to becoming a barmitzvah and you are looking

for a tutor who can prepare him to read from the Torah. 

You've come to the right place!


Since the start of the Covid pandemic, all of my barmitzvah classes have been moved to Zoom and it has been great! By going virtual, we are able to easily share documents, make recordings and really focus on the work at hand all without the commute.

I work with your local synagogue rabbi to make sure that your family has a full-service barmitzvah celebration. The rabbi and I collaborate with you to pick the date, set goals for learning, and insure that this is a truly meaningful experience.  

I charge $300/month and start 6-12 months before the big date depending on your family's goals and your son's particular capabilities. In our weekly half-hour Sunday sessions we will start with basic Hebrew reading, move on to the Torah blessings,  learn how to read the Torah's musical cantillation notes and then your son's parshah itself as well as haftarah and anything else he would like. 


Thanks for submitting!

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